Posted February 16, 2024

New power distribution units and light towers

Lind Equipment unveils five new models for the rental market at The ARA Show 2024.

Transformer cart:
Lind Equipment's Transformer Cart is a portable power transformer and distribution solution ideal for large construction sites. The Lind Transformer Cart was engineered with the rental industry in mind, providing quick and convenient access to electrical components while prioritizing safety and portability. Utilizing off-the-shelf components, it is easy to maintain and repair, ensuring minimal downtime.

The transformer cart is equipped with a built-in Beacon360 area light, adding versatility to its functionality. With multiple input options such as hard wire, camlock, pin and sleeve and other features, it offers adaptability to various job site requirements.

Power dolly:
Lind Equipment's Power Dolly is a portable power distribution solution ideal for diverse industrial settings offering convenient access to electrical components while prioritizing safety and ease of use. Utilizing off-the-shelf components simplifies maintenance and repair processes, it ensures uninterrupted usage. The Power Dolly also comes with a built-in Beacon360 area light, enhancing its utility on job sites. Just like the Transformer Cart the Power Dolly also has multiple input options to cater to diverse power distribution needs.

Extended-mast Beacon LED light tower:
Lind Equipment's Beacon LED light tower now offers an extended mast option, reaching a towering height of 20 feet. Compact, lightweight and one-person-portable, this tower delivers the expected brightness of traditional 4x1000W metal halide light towers in a convenient package.

Beacon LED tower on a trailer:
For those seeking a tow-behind option, Lind Equipment offers the Beacon LED Tower with a compact, lightweight trailer, combining mobility with exceptional illumination capabilities.

Beacon LED solar tower:
Lind Equipment takes solar-powered lighting to new heights with the Beacon LED solar light tower. Equipped with four 150W high-efficiency LED lights, adapted from the Beacon LED tower, this solar-powered solution operates seamlessly year-round, with no labor, maintenance or fuel inputs required. Controlled by a pre-installed DuskDawn sensor, it is an environmentally conscious choice that guarantees extended operational time with minimal energy consumption. Available as a one-person-portable four-wheeled cart or a compact tow-behind trailer, the Beacon LED solar light tower sets a new standard for bright, portable, and sustainable lighting, sources report.

See the new models at the ARA Trade Show at booth #2101.