Posted February 8, 2023

Maintenance-free battery

Trojan Battery Company launches new AES battery with up to twice the cycle life of traditional AGM batteries.

Trojan’s maintenance-free AES Battery maximizes longevity and reduces the total cost of ownership compared to standard AGM technology. It also works in a partial state of charge without damage.  

The new Trojan AES battery is for floor-cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, material handling equipment, golf vehicles and other applications.

The rugged premium VRLA battery delivers consistent, unrivaled high output and up to twice the cycle life of standard AGM, especially in extreme deep-cycle, partial charging, or challenging environments.

“Trojan’s AES Battery lets rental houses, floor-cleaning professionals and facilities maintenance and warehouse managers maximize productivity and slash their total cost of ownership,” says Matt Herr, senior product manager for motive. “It enables OEMs and master distributors to improve and differentiate their products, boost profits and enjoy supply-chain security thanks to our global manufacturing sites.”

The Trojan AES battery outperforms competitive products in these areas:

  • Longevity: Up to 2x more cycle life than traditional AGM ensures you can complete your job (2500 cycles at 60 percent DoD vs 1200 cycles for AGM)
  • Harsh conditions: Robust performance in extreme conditions and harsh temperatures.
  • Harmless partial state of charging: Tested to withstand long-term partial state of charging, without harm.

Advanced carbon technology extends life and streamlines operations
Some traditional AGM batteries must be fully recharged after each cycle to prevent corrosion, sulfation and early failure. Yet this is often neglected on busy work sites. 

Trojan’s AES Battery is engineered with proprietary carbon additive and DCS technology to work in a partial state of charge while preserving both the negative active material and the positive material.

Trojan Battery Company