Posted January 31, 2023

MCS set to expand its U.S. operations in 2023

Rental software provider, MCS, is set to hit the ground running in 2023 by expanding further into the U.S. market.

MCS Rental Software Inc. has opened a U.S. office in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to supporting the company's expansion into the US market, this will provide a base of operations for the company to serve U.S. clients.

“We are delighted to formally open our new U.S. office. As our U.S. customer base keeps growing, we can provide them with the world-class service they expect from us,” says Josh Lewis, president of MCS Rental Software Inc.

MCS Rental Software already provides a wide range of mobile apps and web solutions to help rental companies manage operations while they are on the go, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity.

“The wide range of mobile apps available from MCS makes it simple to optimize driver routes, capture electronic signatures, and obtain real-time driver status updates. Workshop maintenance and equipment picking can also be streamlined,” Lewis says.

Working closely with its existing customer base, the company strives to continuously improve its software and has added many new features to enhance the functionality of its mobile apps.

The Mobile Transport app now includes what3words functionality. This makes it easier for renters and drivers to pinpoint the exact location of rental equipment for deliveries and collections by assigning a unique set of 3 words to each 3-meter square. This results in faster, more efficient deliveries and collections.

“Delivery and collection locations make drivers' busy schedules easier and quicker, while also strengthening the customer-rental company relationship. Additionally, equipment can be left in a precise and clear location for rental pick-ups and drop-offs, so renters do not have to be present. This results in faster, more efficient deliveries and collections,” Lewis says.

To improve customer communications, rental companies can also now send text message alerts to their customers on driver delivery routes to notify them of expected arrival times. When a driver starts his or her route, the text is sent via the MCS resource planning system to customers who have opted to receive them. This enables them to plan their day more efficiently to ensure someone is available to receive equipment on-site during the allocated time slot.