Posted January 29, 2021

Point of Rental expands e-commerce with rental hosting acquisition

Point of Rental has acquired Rental Hosting, a web design/hosting company that builds integrated websites for rental businesses.

The acquisition marks another step in the company’s prioritization of eCommerce functionality. It acquired RentItOnline, another eCommerce platform, late in 2020.

“As we move eCommerce to the forefront, both as a company and as an industry, this acquisition gives us the resources to do so in innovative, thoughtful ways,” Says Wayne Jarris,  Point of Rental CEO. “This will bring our teams closer together for collaboration earlier in the development process and allow us to better serve our customers’ needs.”

Rental Hosting provides fully integrated websites uniquely built for rental businesses, including eCommerce, customer portals, and online payments. Their sites display rental and sales inventory, show instructions and videos associated with each item, provide shopping cart functionality, capture customer contact information and automate quotes. In addition, integrated customer portals allow customers to manage their own contracts, view items on rent (including job sites), pay contracts, and submit quote requests within a dedicated portal.

“Rental Hosting and Point of Rental have been a part of the same family, same community, for years,” says Caleb Yell, Rental Hosting CEO. “This move won't affect current Rental Hosting customers during the transition, and they’ll reap the benefits of our closer collaboration with Point of Rental’s development team as we build an even more tightly integrated eCommerce process.”

To learn more about Rental Hosting and how integrated inventory tracking with a mobile-friendly website can result in more rentals, contact Point of Rental sales at