Posted January 26, 2023

Terex Utilities updates tech tips for technicians and operators

Terex Utilities added 23 Tech Tips and three new videos to its online Technical Support archive last year. Developed by the Terex Utilities Technical Service and Support Department, Tech Tips tackle frequently asked questions from customers.

“Topics take a closer look at many of the everyday challenges technicians and operators face in the field and is one way our service experts can share their knowledge,” says Kenny Vlasman, customer service manager.

“Last year we started adding videos to some of the Tech Tips, which provides the additional benefit of live demonstrations,” says Vlasman. In Tech Tip #38 on Adjustable Hydraulic Valves, Duane Torgerson, National Service Technician shares important safety reminders about proper PPE for working with fluid under pressure and what to do if you experience an accidental fluid injection. Tech Tip #165 is about Cleaning Fiber Optic Connections on units with Load Alert System and on the Z45 SUB unit.   Steve Burmood, National Service Technician, provided step-by-step instructions and demonstration of the process.

Other Tech Tips provided information geared for operators. Tech Tips #14 and #158 provided guidance on setting up aerial devices and digger derricks on a slope. Tech Tip #155 discussed selecting the capacity and length of load line for lifting with digger derricks. In addition, several Tech Tips provided detailed scenarios for understanding how to read aerial device load charts to determine jib lifting capacity at specific boom and jib positions. “These scenarios provide excellent practice materials for operators in training or for familiarization with a new model,” says Vlasman. Search the term “load charts” on the Tech Tips page to find specific examples.

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