Posted January 24, 2023

Cordless line expands

Hilti adds more than 30 new cordless tools will be added to its portfolio of more than 70 existing Nuron battery-powered tools.

With a multitude of tools that span across a variety of trades, Hilti extends solutions for applications in formwork, pipe hanging and metal cutting. The latest Nuron innovations make a compelling argument for flipping tool cribs to fully cordless, leaving the hassle of fumes and generators behind with the DSH 700-22 rear-handle cordless cut-off saw, the NCV 10-22 ultimate concrete vibrator, the NCV 4-22 pencil concrete vibrator; and the SB 6-22 wide-mouth cordless band saw.

Hilti DSH 700-22 cordless concrete cutter
The DSH 700-22 virtually eliminates the need for gas-powered cut-off saws on the job.
Hilti backpack concrete vibrator
The NCV 10-22 improves safety to concrete placement applications by removing the fuel and fumes associated with traditional gas-powered backpack concrete vibrators.
Hilti cordless concrete vibrator
The NCV 4-22 helps enable operators to vibrate concrete in the hardest to reach parts of the concrete pour with its narrow head and more than enough power to finish the job.
Hilti wide-mouth bandsaw
The SB 6-22's wide mouth band saw has a deep cutting capacity of 5" and a two-handed cutting experience for optimal safety.  

“Transitioning from gas or corded to the Nuron all-on-one cordless platform with Hilti reduces tool crib complexity without compromising on performance,” says Mike McGowan, region head and CEO of Hilti North America. “Nuron continues to enable businesses to make informed decisions using real-time job site data obtained from its cloud-connected, intelligent cordless tools and batteries.”

Nuron tools help improve productivity with versatile 22V Li-ion batteries delivering optimum power-to-weight ratio for most drilling, driving and cutting jobs. Nuron’s new electronics provide insights on battery and tool use and empowers proactive tool crib optimization. Nuron tools and batteries provide upgraded durability and cordless battery performance monitoring with a built-in battery health tester, sealed electronics, shock absorbers and reinforced housing to better protect against the toughest job site conditions.

Hilti diamond and carbide blades and drill bits are designed specifically for Hilti Nuron cordless tools to increase system performance or extend the life of the power tool accessories. When Nuron tools and accessories are combined, they enable jobsites to work faster, harder, and more efficiently to stay on schedule and budget.