Posted January 21, 2020

Great Northern Equipment (GNE) becomes distributor for GreyWolf attachments

GNE now carries six different GreyWolf skid steer attachments.

The attachments include the Rock Devil (1051), Stump Bucket (1062), Backhoe (1065), Double Quick Attach Grapple (1066), Tree Puller (1067), and 2-inch Receiver Hitch (1061).

GreyWolf 1051
Rock Devil (1051)
GreyWolf 1082
Stump Bucket (1062)
GreyWolf 1065
Backhoe (1065)
GreyWolf 1066
Double Quick Attach Grapple (1066)
GreyWolf 1067
Tree Puller (1067)
GreyWolf 1061
2-inch Receiver Hitch (1061)

The skid attachments are built using heavy-duty construction and enhanced with a grey/red powder-coat finish for durability. All units feature a quick-attach plate constructed of 5/16-inch thick steel that attaches to most skid steers.

The Rock Devil (1051) will remove rocks with minimal ground disturbance using the skid steer’s power. It features one-inch thick steel digging teeth, a one-inch thick steel hook, ½-inch steel gussets and reinforcing plates.

The Stump Bucket (1062) is designed to easily dig out stubborn rocks and stumps with a skid-steer loader. It can reach far under stumps and tear out roots using the serrated cutting edges.

The Backhoe Attachment is built to be heavy-duty using a ¼-inch thick steel box framed boom. This outdoor hydraulic powered machine is designed for earth excavation.

The Double Grapple (1066) will attach to most buckets allowing for easy pick up and maneuvering of brush, debris, and other items.

The Tree Puller (1067) is designed for removing trees and posts. It is constructed from 3-inch x 3-inch square tubing and 3/8-inch thick steel.

The 2-inch Receiver Hitch Plate (1061) is designed to easily move trailers or other towable implements using a trailer hitch and skid steer power. The receiver is constructed of ¼-inch thick steel.

GreyWolf attachments are made in Renville, Minnesota. They are built with top-grade USA steel for durability and highest quality, source report.