Comet 1190 replacement clutch

Comet Clutches offers the Comet 1190 replacement clutch for heavy duty applications for gas and diesel engines.

Comet 1190 clutchIt offers super-duty drive and driven units that are manufactured from heavy gauge stamped steel with optional hard anodized aluminum pulley faces to withstand extreme conditions and abrasive environments.

It is built for OEM applications with engines 24 hp. and above in in 1-1/8-inch and 1-7/16-inch bores and pulley ratios 3.41:1/low and 0.68:1/high. The units have optional air holes for improved cooling and they offer quiet, dependable operation.

The field-proven units perform with limited maintenance. Multiple weight and spring calibration options allow for peak engine and overall unit performance. The 1190 driver can be used in combination with other Comet drivens for virtually every load and speed need.

Common applications include concrete trowels, UTVs and ATVs.

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