Posted January 2, 2019

2019 after-sales service predictions

Syncron offers a new whitepaper, 2019 After-sales Service Predictions: Powering the Journey to Servitization Through Maximized Product Uptime, that reinforces the value and importance of the growing service economy.

It features exclusive insights from Accenture, Daimler, Spartan Motors and others about what they’re focusing on, hot topics and more for the year ahead.

Below are some key takeaway points found in the paper: 

● Servitization/uptime is the future: “We’re turning products into services, and what we're seeing is the advent of different business models that allow what was formerly a product, a fixed asset, to be changed into a service. Subscription over ownership is basically the bare bones of what servitization is ultimately going to become.” -- Kurt Ranka, Principle Director at Accenture

● Manufacturers must adopt emerging technology: “With technological evolutions in IoT, machine learning and AI, manufacturers will be able to predict and prevent failures. Ultimately, modern and effective after-sales service can only succeed in making servitization a reality by adopting these technological innovations.” -- Gary Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer at Syncron

● The C-suite must adapt or fall: “Because there are so many parties involved [in the entire after-sales service ecosystem], there isn’t just one area most poised, but instead needs to be a full team developing processes to make the whole thing work better. Chief Executive Officers have that kind of control, because without them on board, it would be hard to get everybody else on board. But, the whole point of servitization is to expand yourself up through the value chain, which means more people and more processes and systems. Good change management does not have a start or end point.” – Nate Chenenko, Manager at Carlisle & Company

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