Posted June 9, 2023

Equipment Depot announces articulated forklift distribution agreement with Narrow Aisle Ltd.  

Equipment Depot will have the exclusive right to distribute Narrow Aisle’s Artix brand forklifts in its more than 50 branches.

“We are adding the Artix brand to our EQSolutions group as part of our commitment to deliver a wide range of products, tailored solutions, and the best service to help our customers optimize their operations,” says Jonathan Hesener, Equipment Depot’s chief sales officer.

Formed in 2020, Equipment Depot’s EQSolutions specializes in engineering transformative warehouse and automation solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities. 

The Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) lift truck market is one of the fastest-growing segments in North America. VNA lifts can optimize and streamline warehouse operations by eliminating dead aisle space and increasing usable storage space by up to 5 percent while reducing costs and double handling.

The unique design of the Artix Forklift delivers safe, space-saving operations allowing for increased storage capacity providing customers with a premium quality, digital controlled, ultra-reliable product.

 “The Artix Narrow Aisle lift is a natural fit for the already proven suite of engineered products and design services in our EQSolutions division.” Hesener says. “Equipment Depot operates in 7 of the top 10 U.S. material handling markets and expanding our product portfolio to offer the best equipment choice helps us respond to our customer-specific needs.” 

“Articulated chassis concepts were developed in 1990, and since then Narrow Aisle Ltd. has provided more than 15,000 units in 70 countries, in such brands as, Amazon, DHL and Samsung,” says John Maguire, Narrow Aisle Ltd.’s international director.