Posted August 25, 2021

Short-tail excavator

XCMG introduces the XE155ECR hydraulic crawler excavator, the first generation of its short tail medium-sized excavators.

The XE155ECR has an operating weight of 16.6 tons, providing a maximum digging depth of 18 feet and a maximum digging radius of 27.21 feet.

XCMG XE155ECR short-tail excavator
XCMG introduces the XE155ECR hydraulic crawler excavator, the first generation of its short tail medium-sized excavators.

With a short-tail design, the model can work in confined areas with a swing torque under 6 inches, which is a 35 percent increase on space-saving compared to the last generation XE150E model. With dozer blade attached, this new model is suitable for multiple job conditions. 

Environmentally friendly 
It is powered by Cummins Stage V-compliant engine equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and an associated regeneration system for reduced nitrogen oxide emissions. To further improve its environmental friendliness, it is equipped with an auto-idle function that automatically reduces engine speed when the controls are inactive for a preselected amount of time or when the safety lever is switched off. The engine immediately returns to its original selected speed when the operator touches the controls.

Smooth operating experience
The XE155ECR model equipped with the XCMG Intelligent Control System (XICS) which provides a perfectly synchronized communication link between the engine’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the hydraulic system to achieve more evenly distributed fuel for smoother operation. The Controller Area Network (CAN) system enables a constant flow of information between the engine and hydraulic system, ensuring needed power is delivered during the most complicated tasks. The non-linear power control technology is introduced into the main pump that can increase light-load energy by 4 percent and heavy-load efficiency by 3 percent. 

Comfortable design 
The cabin is designed to increase productivity with a spacious comfortable operator environment. The pressurized cab is ISO-certified for operator safety and offers a fully adjustable, comfortable air-suspension seat with heating functions, several storage compartments and a clear all-around view. The automatic climate-control function reduces noise and vibration levels, making the operator’s workday easier and more comfortable.

The new series improves the lubricity of connecting parts between equipment and attachments. Gaps with attachments are minimized using long-life, wear-resistant pins, bushing and polymer shims, supporting the highest performance with invariable durability among logging machines, cultivators, breaking hammers, and rotary diggers.