Posted May 5, 2023

New mast lift

MEC adds the MME30-RJ mast electric 30-foot mast lift with rotating turntable and jib.

MEC MME30-RJ mast lift
MEC adds the MME30-RJ mast electric 30 foot mast lift with rotating turntable and jib that also features AGM type batteries.

The MME30-RJ joins the MME Series (MME20 and MME25) along with MEC’s first all-electric machine, the MMAE16.

The MME30-RJ leads with AC direct electric drive for higher efficiency, longer duty cycles and higher product residual value. With a working indoor height of 36 feet and weight of 6,600 pounds, it has the best height to weight ratio in the 30-foot class. It makes the most difficult up-and-over areas easy to reach with its 345-degree turntable rotation, 5-foot jib and in-line telescopic all-steel mast. 

Focusing on value to customers in total cost of ownership, standard AGM batteries coupled with AC direct electric drive provides longer run times between charges, no hydraulic motors and smoother controls for greater precision in tight areas. The MME30-RJ’s rugged platform and components provide robustness and durability for any job site.

“When we inquired about the single most detrimental aspect of this type of machine to TCO, we heard loud and clear that it was wet lead acid-type batteries and the difficulty to maintain them. We eliminated this problem by using AGM type batteries that are maintenance free and hence a solid predictor to a lower TCO.” says Gary Crook, MEC vice president of Engineering.  

Along with a 40-inch x 30-inch platform area, the MME30-RJ comes with fully proportional drive and lift controls and up to 25 percent gradeability to ensure smooth performance and operator safety.