Posted April 9, 2021

Forward plate compactor line

Toro’s forward plate compactor line is designed with a unique base geometry, optimal eccentric placement, amplitude and vibration that allow the unit to provide maximum compaction for stable, even surfaces.

The forward plate compactors operate on speed levels of 100 ft/min and feature a heavy-duty design that protects the engine and machine components for extended life.

Toro Forward Plate compactor line

Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 lpounds, including:

  • FP-2200 Forward Plate: The Forward Plate FP-2200 is designed for powerful performance on smaller area jobs compacting trenches, granular soil, or asphalt. These forward plates operate with a maximum productivity of 6,500 square-feet/hour.
  • FP-3000 Forward Plate: With optimal force and up to 10,000 square-feet/hour capacity, the Forward Plate FP-3000 is engineered for high productivity and tough compaction to tackle jobs on granular soil or asphalt with ease.
  • FP-4000 Forward Plate: For maximum eccentric power and productivity, the Forward Plate FP-4000 easily compacts mixed soil, granular soil, or asphalt. The FP-4000 Forward Plates operate with a maximum productivity of 10,000 square-feet/hour.