Posted April 9, 2021

Drum compactor

New machine designs and revised service groupings combine to cut maintenance costs up to 9 percent with the Cat 815 compactor.

With all components relocated from the cab roof to lower overall transport height, the redesigned operator’s cab upgrades the steering and climate controls to elevate comfort.

Cat 815 compactor
New machine designs and revised service groupings combine to cut maintenance costs up to 9 percent with the Cat 815 compactor.

The Cat 815 is built for high-speed, high quality soil compaction with its four 39-inch wide steel drums. Drum design features a chevron pattern to the tamping tips, delivering high ground pressure and compaction, excellent traction and smooth ride. A symmetrical tip pattern offers equal compaction effort in both forward and reverse, and the special tamper design reduces material fluffing. Adjustable cleaner bars eliminate material carryover regardless of rolling direction to maximize compaction efficiency.

The Cat Compact GPS mapping system is now offered from the factory to provide visibility to compacted areas as well as cut and fill data. These new technologies allow companies to meet compaction targets quickly, uniformly and in fewer, saving on fuel and the costs associated with rework.

Operators are kept informed of compaction progress with Cat Compaction Control with Machine Drive Power (MDP). This energy-based measurement system correlates compaction with rolling resistance to indicate soil stiffness, improving compaction efficiency. Real-time machine performance and operating data captured by the Vital Information Management System (VIMS) are conveniently monitored on the large, in-cab 3G touchscreen display. Accessed online via the VisionLink® interface, Cat Link technology captures operating data such as machine location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events and diagnostic codes to improve fleet management efficiency.

Advancing operator productivity
The compactor’s redesigned cab delivers greater comfort and easier control for higher operator productivity. Upgrades to the single Cat STIC system allow for shorter, faster cycles to reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency. The STIC system combines steering, gear selection and other functions into a single lever. Only small side-to-side inputs are required to steer the new 815, and gear changes are effortlessly fingertip controlled.

The cab sits on isolation mounts and features a new Premium Plus seat with leather finish, forced air heating and cooling, two-way thigh adjustment, power lumbar and back bolster adjustment, and dynamic end dampening for total comfort throughout the workday. A flip-up armrest affords easier ingress/egress to the cab.

Pressurized to keep debris out, the cab features an automatic climate control system that maintains the operator’s preferred temperature settings. Its sealed design lowers interior sound levels to improve operator comfort. The standard rearview camera is conveniently visible on the in-cab display to improve operator visibility when compacting in reverse.

Lower maintenance costs up to 9 percent
The new 815 soil compactor features improved airflow technology to reduce cleaning and maintenance. A new radial air filter delivers three times the life of the previous design, and operators are alerted to airflow blockages by an electronic air inlet restriction indicator.

The compactor’s electronics bay is located inside the updated cab to improve servicing ease in a climate-controlled environment. Sight gauges for the coolant, transmission oil and hydraulic system provide quick inspection with reduced contamination risk. Grouped hydraulic oil, fuel cooler and condenser service points, along with centralized grease points, help to further minimize maintenance time. Access to the emergency shutdown, battery disconnect and jump start are quickly and conveniently accessed from ground level.

Heavy-duty main structures are built to be rebuilt, offering multiple life cycles to lower total cost of ownership. Heat-treated and direct-hardened, the adjustable cleaner bar tips deliver increased wear life with lower operating costs. The durable tamping tips deliver a long life and are replaceable.

Proven, smooth power
The new Cat 815 Soil Compactor is powered by the field-proven Cat C7.1 engine designed for maximum fuel economy, reliable performance and increased power density. Two engine package options are available – U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V and Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent – for meeting local market emission standard requirements. Automatic engine and electric system shutdown controls reduce unnecessary idling to lower fuel consumption.

Its Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) transmission control delivers improved shifting performance, achieves greater momentum on grades and saves on fuel by carrying that momentum through shift points.


815 Soil Compactor Product Specifications


Cat® C7.1

Net power – T3/Stage IIIA, hp (kW)

249 (186)

Net power – T4F/Stage V, hp (kW)

249 (186)

Weight – T3/Stage IIIA, lb. (kg)

49,013 (22 232)

Weight – T4F/Stage V, lb. (kg)

49,652 (22 522)

Max speed forward/reverse, mph (km/h)  

11.3 (18.2) / 11.4 (18.4)

Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan at minimum speed, air intake system, exhaust system, and alternator.