Long-running portable light tower

The Trime EL1250H LED light tower is constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel with durable anti-steel corrosion protection inside and out, so it is tough enough for any job site, but quiet enough for any event.

With a 288-hour run time, it only needs to be refueled once a month.

TRIME EL1250H LED light tower

A built-in timer allows user to set an on/off schedule or dusk to dawn operation.

This tower features four high-efficiency LED lamps equivalent to the output of 2 metal halide towers. The lamps have a five-year warranty and are adjustable and tiltable by hand with reinforced heavy-duty brackets.

Other features include 1,000-hour engine service interval, Deep Sea Controller with 16-event 7-day digital timer and hydraulic telescopic vertical galvanized mast with a 26-foot maximum height.