Electrostatic sprayer

Titan now offers the GM5000 electrostatic system, a powerful combination of the efficient GM5000 electrostatic gun and the AirCoat air-assisted airless sprayer.

The GM5000 electrostatic system delivers a consistent finish, reduces material usage, and increases productivity for contractors.

Titan sprayerThe GM5000 electrostatic gun uses electrical charges to adhere paint to surfaces for complete coverage and less overspray. It provides up to 35 percent higher transfer efficiency than conventional air or air-assisted spraying, resulting in less material usage and a cleaner jobsite. In addition, when compared to other electrostatic sprayers in its class, the GM5000 provides up to 20 percent higher transfer efficiency and productivity.

The GM5000 electrostatic gun offers superior ergonomic comfort for operators, and has easy-to-adjust controls for atomization and pattern shape. It meets stringent safety standards and is safe to use with Class II solvent materials. Key features include automatic voltage shut down when not in use, high-voltage on/off control at the gun, and automatic error indication.

“Our new GM5000 Electrostatic System will quickly set higher productivity standards for portable electrostatic systems,” says Chris Noto, director of products for Titan. “Excellent transfer efficiency with essentially no overspray maximizes profits and productivity for contractors, saving material and reducing prep and surface area cleanup.”

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