Posted November 4, 2019

Small wheel loader improvements

Cat small wheel loaders receive attachment visibility, comfort and performance enhancements

Caterpillar launches several new design enhancements for its small wheel loader (SWL) line – Cat 926M, 930M and 938M models – centered on improving attachment visibility, operator comfort and machine performance. Integrating large wheel loader features into the Cat SWL models, these new machines deliver improved operating efficiency, reduced maintenance and increased loader longevity.

Cat small wheel loader
Caterpillar launches several new design enhancements for its small wheel loader (SWL) line – Cat 926M, 930M and 938M models – centered on improving attachment visibility, operator comfort and machine performance.

Enhanced attachment visibility
The SWL line’s new Fusion Quick Coupler substantially improves visibility to the attachment in material handling applications. With its electro-hydraulic coupler application system activated conveniently from inside the cab, the single-piece cast coupler frame with relocated actuation cylinders increase attachment visibility through the coupler by up to 85 percent while maintaining the benefits of the fusion system.

Increasing SWL versatility, an improved Fusion Coupler carriage for fork attachments is now available with a new carriage designed to enhance attachment visibility and to work in conjunction with the new high-visibility cast Fusion Coupler. The line’s new adjustable material handling arm delivers increased visibility, simple adjustments and easy transport with a general-purpose bucket.

A new cast torque tube design for the new Cat 930M and 938M models significantly improves operator visibility to the attachment when it’s in a raised position. The new standard lift arms offer 100 percent more fork tip/heel visibility and 50 percent more bucket edge visibility to improve operating efficiency. Updated hose routing close to the side of the lift arms help to improve visibility when equipped with the 3rd function auxiliary lines grouping.

Whether starting the workday before sunrise or working well after sunset, available LED lighting options help improve machine visibility. Featuring integrated LED indicators, new high-performance LED front roading lights improve light coverage in dipped and main beam modes. A new auxiliary lighting package now includes a light inside the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) fill tank compartment to improve visibility in low-light conditions.

Other improvements

New fabric designs improve airflow for the range of seat options on all Cat SWL models. The seat upgrades keep the operator comfortable throughout the work shift, making the relaxed operator more efficient. All seats incorporate high visibility orange seat belts that allow crew members to see, at a glance, if the operator is wearing the seatbelt.

Featuring a bottom cushion and backrest that are heated and cooled, the top-of-the-line leather/fabric air-suspension Premium Seat is fully adjustable with a high backrest, headrest, air lumbar support, armrests and cushion tilt. The heated air-suspension Deluxe Seat is fully adjustable, fabric covered and has mid-backrest, headrest, mechanical lumbar support, armrests, and cushion tilt. The fully adjustable, fabric covered, mechanical suspension Standard Seat features a mid-backrest, headrest and armrests.

Loader performance
Beyond lift-arm and quick-coupler updates, the new Cat 930M resets the benchmark in SWL machine performance and refinement, Cat sources report. Powered by the Cat C7.1 engine, the re-engineered 930M now meets EU Stage V emissions standards along with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and Japan 2014 standards. The new 930M also delivers a 5 percent boost in gross horsepower, 5 percent increase in breakout force and a 5 percent higher full-turn tip load when compared to the previous 930M.

With the new updates and refinements, the new 930M with Aggregate Handler package now aligns in a higher performance class. This offers customers lower end-to-end costs and reduced owning/operating costs compared to running a larger wheel loader.

Configured for success
These new SWL loaders now seamlessly integrate several options commonly found on large and medium Cat wheel loaders. Contractors can now choose to equip their small loaders with Cat Production Management (CPM*), Autolube, tire pressure monitoring (TPM) and hydraulic load check valves.

CPM confirms sufficient weight in the bucket before the operator leaves the pile, ensuring the right amount of material is loaded to reduce the number of cycles and maximize profit potential. Cat Autolube fully integrates into the loader’s structure and in-cab display to ensure machine pivot points are automatically greased properly with the right amount of grease, without over greasing, to significantly reduce the daily maintenance routine. With a quick glance at the cab’s secondary display, the operator easily sees current tire pressures on loaders equipped with TPM, and the system provide alerts if tire pressures drop too low or increases too high, which can affect stability and increase tire wear and fuel burn if not noticed or corrected.