Compact track loader for tight area versatility

ASV LLC offers the Posi-Track RT-30 compact track loader as a heavy-duty commercial machine in a small package.

The radial lift loader is the industry’s smallest sit-on model and features the same productivity-enhancing qualities as larger ASV compact track loaders. This includes highly efficient hydraulics and cooling systems as well as best-in-class low ground pressure. In addition, the RT-30 provides a safer, more productive alternative to walk-behind and sit-on mini skidsteer loaders, ASV sources report. The Rt-30’s small size makes it ideal for contractors, rental centers and homeowners looking for a commercial-quality, compact machine for work in tight spaces such as landscaping, snow removal and construction.

ASV Poitrac RT-30 compact track loader
ASV LLC offers the Posi-Track RT-30 compact track loader as a commercial machine in a small package.

The 3,600-pound RT-30 is 48 inches wide and has an 8.4-foot lift height. Its compact size and 10 inches of ground clearance minimize risk of property damage or damage to the machine while working in hard-to-reach areas. The machine’s size also optimizes it for the rental market as the compact track loader is easy to transport on a trailer pulled by a pick-up truck. It is simple to operate, and is easy to service through its single-door system that allows fast access to the engine, filters and other daily checkpoints. The ASV unit’s cab provides rollover protection and protects the operator from outside elements.

The innovative undercarriage features ASV’s patented Posi-Track rubber track suspension. The single-level suspension is made up of two independent torsion axles per undercarriage, allowing for a smooth ride over every type of terrain at speeds as fast as 5.7 mph. In addition, the multiple wheel-contact points and central drive-lug eliminates track derailment and helps with steep slope performance. The RT-30 comes standard with 11-inch-wide tracks, resulting in the industry’s lowest compact track loader ground pressure of 3 psi. This means minimal risk of damage on delicate surfaces such as turf and allows for extra flotation and traction over surfaces such as ice, mud, snow and brush.

The RT-30 features an open-rail and drive-sprocket design, resulting in longer sprocket and bogie life along with easier and faster undercarriage cleaning than steel-embedded undercarriages. The mechanical face seals are maintenance-free and the tracks are strengthened with embedded co-polymer cords for up to 2,000-hour track life, which is 30 percent longer than steel-embedded track units.

Its 32.7-horsepower Perkins 1.5-liter diesel engine produces 64.39 foot-pounds of torque. Planetary drive motors transfer the torque to the patented internal-drive sprockets and internal rollers prevent friction loss in the undercarriage, resulting in efficient power transfer to the track regardless of drive speed.

The auxiliary hydraulic system provides 10 gpm flow and 3,000 psi. Large hydraulic line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps transfer more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and prevent power loss.

The ASV RT-30 has a rated operating capacity of 665 pounds and a tipping load of 1,900 pounds. Standard joystick controls make operation easy and intuitive. Operators can choose from a full line of attachments built for the RT-30 and its quick-attach plate, such as buckets, snow blades, snow blowers, augers, trenchers and pallet forks. In addition, buyers can fit the unit with an adaptor plate to accept standard skidsteer attachments. An optional turf track allows for operation on highly manicured surfaces, such as golf course greens, with minimal risk of damage.

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