Gas-powered LED light towers

The Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower is a fully featured, towable, self-powered model with clean, quiet operation and precision lighting performance that rivals diesel, metal halide units.

It is ideally suited for use in short-term rental situations, such as special event venues, airports, municipalities and emergency-scene applications. Thanks to the LED light modules’ extended lifespans, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements, this type of light tower is in high demand on a variety of applications.

Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower

It is competitively priced so rental centers will realize a high rental return on invested capital (rROIC). The LED lights offer 50,000 hours of service life and have instant-on/off capability at 100 percent brightness almost instantly.

The four 230-watt LED lights provide a more natural looking light that reduces glare and avoids harsh lighting tones.

Electrical power comes from a a Champion gas engine coupled with an innovative 3.5 kW inverter generator that matches output to load. It is EPA/CARB compliant and equipped with wireless start capabilities. Equipped with a 17.5 gal fuel tank, users will get approximately 80 hours of run time per tank.

The unit also offers 2 kW of convenience power to run up to three units at one time from a single engine and use the other two units as stand-by power. Units can also be plugged into a standard wall outlet for emissions-free operation.

The new light towers use the proven vertical mast design of the Terex RL4 metal halide light tower, offering a 23.3-foot extended-height tower with 359 degrees of non-continuous tower rotation that puts the right amount of illumination where it is needed. The light tower’s vertical mast design dramatically cuts set-up time by using only one, self-braking winch for fast, easy tower erection and extension.

It can be towed to the site or up to 17 units will fit on a 48-foot trailer.