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Workflow software

Point of Rental’s mobile app, Point of Rental One, has greatly expanded its feature set.

Originally a home for all the company’s apps and an internal messaging platform, it now connects processes via workflows. 

Point of Rental One workflow app

There are currently four workflows built into the app, with more planned for the future:

  • Labor Tracker allows techs to log their time spent on a work order or repair contract, sending logged time to be converted to billable hours or simply used to determine incurred costs.
  • Inventory Count is a stock-take process, assigning lists to individuals and locations to complete inventory counts. Item counts can also be triggered for individual items for spot checks.
  • Customer Pick Up eliminates the paperwork of pickups: As items are turnedover to customers, the rental team completes applicable digital checklists, uploads condition photos and collects receipt signatures.
  • Customer Drop Off is the pickup process in reverse, digitizing the checklist process, logging condition photos and takes customer signatures to acknowledge responsibility for any damages.

Point of Rental’s other solutions are also expanding their mobile functionality, with more features becoming accessible in each two-week development cycle.