Posted December 6, 2021

Slurry wheelbarrow

The PowerPusher E-750 electric wheelbarrow with a slurry tub and concrete funnel cap is made for the concrete industry.

The poly slurry tub with a powder-coated steel rim holds a true ¼ yard of liquid concrete, or up to 12 cubic feet of dry material, minimizing material loss during transport. The concrete funnel cap attachment fits on the slurry tub and funnels the slurry into narrow spaces such post holes and other tight areas.

PowerPusher E-750 slurry wheelbarrow

This state-of-the art equipment is durable, easy to clean, and maneuverable through a standard door. It has a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, improving safety and efficiency by eliminating ergonomic challenges and production delays associated with manual wheelbarrows. It can move at speeds reaching 4 miles per hour.

Created to minimize stress and strain, the E-750 provides push-button powered-dump capability, to make unloading a breeze.  Its silent motor with zero emissions is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The E-750 is available with multiple standard and custom quick-change attachments. It can quickly change over to the galvanized steel tub or heavy-duty poly tub and the machine handles demolition and hauling needs. The flatbed attachment, available in two sizes: 31 inches x 38 inches and 31 inches x 48 inches.