Posted December 1, 2022

Quick couplers and pin grabbers

Harford quick couplers and pin grabbers are simple to install, easy to use and maintain and suit any excavator from 1,650 through 31,000 pounds.

Harford Safelock manual coupler
Excavator outfitted witha Harford Safelock manual coupler system.

Unbeatable for mixed rental fleets, Harford also make mix-and-match couplers for operators who change their whole fleet but want to use their old attachments, eliminating the need to buy all new inventory.

Trusted and proven in the field over many years, Harford’s OEM-approved product range includes:

Uni-Lok -- a fully hydraulic pin-grabber new to the Unites States market which allows attachment changes from the cab, reducing machine downtime, increasing productivity and keeping operators out of harm’s way.

Safelock -- a dedicated manual coupler system with zero tools required.

Pro-Lok -- a manual pin-grabber with wedge design, ensuring quick attachment changes every time.

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