Posted December 1, 2022

Smart Creep wheel saws and cold planers

Smart Creep takes creep control to a new level by monitoring how much load is on the attachment and feeding that information back to the Cat skid-steer or compact track loader.

This allows the creep speed to be automatically adjusted based on changing working conditions. A secondary feature of Smart Creep is the ability for the machine to sense when the attachment has stalled and reverse the machine travel to free the stall.

Once the tool comes back up to speed, the machine can re-engage the cut. This is done without the operator having to release the drive control. The sensitivity of the smart creep feature and other parameters related to smart creep can be easily adjusted using the machine display. 

This level of machine and attachment integration is exclusive to Cat SSL and CTL machines. Both beginner and experienced operators can benefit by using the Smart Creep feature.

Smart Creep on Cat SSL and CTLs

The less experienced operator will appreciate the reduced stalling of the attachment and the more experienced operator will enjoy being able to focus more on making straight cuts and less on modulating the drive control.