Motorized utility scaffold

Granite Industries sources report its Power Snappy motorized utility scaffold is a game changer.

It provides increased safety and increased productivity when compared to ladders and non-powered utility scaffolds. The Power Snappy cuts job times by a proven 30 percent.

Power Snappy scaffold
The Power Snappy cuts job times by a proven 30 percent.

The unit is powered by two electric powered hub motors and a robust rechargeable battery pack and the unit moves easily with a joystick controller. Source report it is much safer than traditional ladders, while still offering five feet of adjustable platform height.  A complete guardrail system wraps around the top of the unit, providing additional fall protection and reducing the chance of injury.Source also report it is much more nimble than an aerial lift and with weighs just 300 pounds so it can be used in applications where aerial lifts are too heavy or bulky.

The design of the Power Snappy allows it to be easily dismantled and put in the bed of a pickup truck for transportation.