Posted December 9, 2021

New compressor models

The Doosan Portable Power Evolution Series portable air compressors are a significant technological update to the Doosan compressor lineup.

Three of the four new models have Doosan FlexAir technology that allows operators to adjust air pressure to a wide psi range.

Doosan Evolution portable air compressor

The P185-HP150WDO-T4F and XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F models are in the 185 cfm class, the industry’s most popular size of portable air compressor by sales volume.

Operators who need 200 psi can now select the XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F models, which can produce 200 psi at 165 cfm. Prior to the launch of this new model, achieving 200 psi typically required a step up in air compressor size class. 

The Doosan Portable Power Evolution Series air compressors have the latest Doosan engines with advanced Tier 4 Final technology.