Posted December 6, 2023

Compact excavator range

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas ZAXIS-5N compact excavators range from 1.10 to 6.61 U.S. tons and have been upgraded to enhance attachment versatility and performance.

Hitachi ZAXIS-5N compact excavators
Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas ZAXIS-5N compact excavators range from 1.10 to 6.61 U.S. tons and have been upgraded to enhance attachment versatility and performance.

Operators can more efficiently complete work in congested areas thanks to the maneuverability of these compact machines that feature either a short-tail swing radius (U) or ultra-short-tail swing radius with swing boom (USB). These machines can set up and work almost anywhere.

“We continue to build on the capability of our compact excavators to efficiently run a wide selection of attachments. Recent ZAXIS-5N compact excavator updates further enhance attachment performance,” says Kei Matsumoto, product manager of compact excavators at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas.

ZAXIS-5N compact excavators are commonly used as tool carriers with a wide range of attachments, increasing job site versatility. Several features enhance attachment compatibility. For instance, standard auxiliary hydraulic lines have been pre-plumbed to the end of the boom on the ZX17U-5N and to the middle of the arm on the ZX26U-5N to ZX60USB-5N. A standard wedgelock quick coupler makes attachment hookup a snap. A factory-installed bracket for a thumb cylinder simplifies thumb installation.

The Hitachi ZX30U-5N and ZX35U-5N compact excavators have been updated to include an auxiliary flow rate change switch for additional attachment flexibility. The operator can match the flow rate of the auxiliary hydraulic circuit to the requirements of the attachment being used with either a low or high setting.

An available auxiliary function lever (AFL) includes an analog switch, trigger switch and horn for running attachments such as a breaker or an attachment with swing.

A standard dozer blade enables the ZAXIS-5N series to grade while providing extra stability. An optional angle blade is available on the ZX35U-5N, ZX50U-5N and ZX60USB-5N excavators.

All ZAXIS-5N series compact excavators are powered by proven, fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engines. The ZX30U-5N to ZX60USB-5N compact excavators incorporate power/economy work modes. The power mode provides higher engine speeds for most general digging work, while the economy mode reduces engine speed for lighter digging jobs.

An auto-idling system available on the ZX30U-5N to ZX60USB-5N further reduces fuel consumption, emissions and noise.

Operator comfort is key to productivity. Ergonomic hydraulic pilot valve control levers reduce fatigue and provide smooth control. Full hydraulic pilot controls for the bucket/thumb and other attachments, boom, swing, travel and blade maximize controllability and ensure smooth operation. Swing boom and foldable travel pedals are positioned for plenty of foot room.

Spacious operator stations have wide entryways, making entering and exiting the cab safe and easy. An updated 3-inch seatbelt provides additional comfort for operators.

Hitachi compact excavators are built to the same durability standards as the larger machines that operate in the toughest conditions. Cylinders and hoses are well protected;  the ZAXIS-5N compact excavators feature a V-shaped boom cylinder guard and protected hoses on the boom and arm while the ZX30U-5N to ZX60USB-5N feature a D-frame that protects the underside of the revolving platform from damage in demanding applications.