Posted December 6, 2021

Electric-drive wheelbarrow

Overland Carts from Granite Industries are powered by a time-tested all-electric drive system.

The 1400 Series features a new 36-volt 1400 watt electric motor along with a 75 amp-hour long-lasting rechargeable battery pack. 

Overland 1400 electric wheelbarrow

The result is a cart that can haul up to 1200 pounds and last through an entire day of work.  The top of the line 10 cubic-foot heavy-gauge HDPE hopper includes a power dump feature that lifts the hopper by an electric cylinder; a manual quick release dump option is included as well.  

There are numerous advantages of electric power over gas powered, such as zero maintenance, quiet operation, ease of use, zero emissions and indoor/outdoor capabilities.  

 All Overland Carts are built to professional-grade standards and are backed by a three year limited warranty.  Pneumatic180inch all-terrain tires are standard. Made in the USA.