Posted December 3, 2020

Zero-emission compaction and consolidation products

Wacker Neuson’s battery-powered rammers, plates and backpack vibrator are for indoor applications and job sites with noise and emission guidelines.

The heart of the AS50e and AS60e rammers, the AP1840e and AP1850e plate series and the ACBe backpack vibrator is Wacker Neuson’s BP1000 lithium-ion battery.

Wacker Neuson BP1000 battery solution
The heart of the AS50e and AS60e rammers, the AP1840e and AP1850e plate series and the ACBe backpack vibrator is Wacker Neuson’s BP1000 lithium-ion battery.

One system, including battery and charger, is designed to easily exchange between all products. The BP1000 can be inserted into any product without the need of special tools. No cords and no fumes mean the operator can move around the job site freely and is no longer exposed to heat, exhaust fumes and engine noise.

The smart-battery technology is designed to recognize which product it is powering, providing for the most efficient operation. Additionally, there is no liquid fuel source to spill during refueling, transportation and operation.

Wacker Neuson’s BP1000 maintenance-free battery uses an easy push-button start and provides constant power output over the entire discharge phase, providing full compaction and consolidation performance from the first to last minute of work. Under typical working conditions, two batteries with a charger can fulfill the needs of a standard working day.

Wacker Neuson’s zero emission compaction products are an ideal solution for commercial interior construction or renovation projects; for use in poorly ventilated areas, including trenches and tunnels, or in sound-sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools. As the technological leader in the rammer industry, Wacker Neuson was able to take the best performance characteristics of the rammer, percussion system and ramming shoe and adapt it to the AS rammer series, allowing users to experience similar compaction results of the engine powered units, but with zero emissions.

The battery-powered AP plate series is available with or without a water tank for soil and asphalt compaction. Like the rammer, the plates offer a new solution for contractors and rental centers looking for a cordless, emission-free plate compactor for a variety of applications. These are the only single-direction plates on the market without a V-belt. The virtually maintenance-free electric motor is mounted directly on the baseplate, which requires fewer wear parts and reduces service time when compared to a gas or diesel engine, contributing to the low total cost of ownership.

The battery-powered ACBe is a portable backpack vibration system that is ideal for the consolidation of thick interior concrete slabs with or without reinforcing steel. The three-part modular system consists of the backpack with integrated converter, the removable/replaceable battery and the internal vibrator. The on/off switch is easily accessible on the shaft and will shut off the motor in the head, but not the battery, which allows the operator to pause for 30 minutes during the consolidation process without needing to restart the battery.