Posted November 30, 2022

New financing option

Volvo CE launches new all-inclusive lease for electric equipment.

Volvo all-inclusive lease

This all-inclusive leasing package bundles charging, maintenance, repairs and more — while also providing a better deal compared with items purchased separately.

Available through Volvo Financial Services (VFS), the process to set up an all-inclusive lease for electric machines is the same as with other Volvo CE machines. Customers work with their local Volvo CE dealer and VFS to set the length of the contract, determine how many hours each machine could operate, and negotiate monthly payments.

Within the all-inclusive package, customers get:

  • An equipment maintenance plan to help ensure the electric machines stay up and running as they should. Lessees will have the option to bring machines to their Volvo dealer location for maintenance or have a dealer come to them.
  • Extended coverage for repairs, beyond the factory warranty period. This helps limit some risk by covering machines for a longer time.
  • Physical damage insurance (currently only available in the U.S.) in the event of a covered accident that causes damage to the machine.
  • The option to finance a charger alongside the lease with a single monthly payment. The charger is purchased, not leased, but it’s financed within the same terms and rates as the complete package. For example, if you sign up for a 48-month lease, you have the option to pay for your charger in 48 monthly payments as well. Because it’s bundled, you’ll only make one payment per month to VFS. 
  • Save money on the bundle of electric compact machines. This could be up to 15 percent less on the monthly payment than acquiring items separately, depending on the dealership — and is only available through the all-inclusive lease.

Another benefit is that the leasing packages come with a simplified early termination option at 24 months.

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