Posted November 30, 2022

Electric mini skid steer loader

Volteq Equipment’s Sky 1000 mini skid steer is the world’s first LI-ion powered mini track loader, sources report.

Voltec Sky 1000 mini skid steer loader
The Volteq Sky 1000 mini-skid steer loader quietly performs heavy work with more than 15 attachments and a 1,000 pound lifting capacity.

The machine quietly performs heavy work with more than 15 attachments and a 1,000 pound lifting capacity. The 14.34 kW battery delivers up to 8 hours of operation with zero emissions or engine related noise and its convenient on-board charging replenishes the battery from empty in up to 5 hours through a typical 110V outlet.

The compact size and zero emissions of the Sky 1000 is ideal for a wide range of work in confined spaces, whether indoors or outside. Doorway and narrow gate access is made possible with a machine width of just 33.9 inches, and a machine height of 49.7 inches enables working beneath ceilings and in low overhead spaces.

Volteq attachments make numerous applications possible, such as material handling, breaking concrete, moving pallets, or digging a trench. 

The Sky 1000 mini skid steer has lower maintenance requirements and up to 70 percent lower operational costs than comparable machines powered by gas or diesel fuel. The innovative drivetrain of the Sky 1000 has no engine fluids or filters, fuel pump or injectors or accessory drive belts. The Sky 1000 replaces the traditional fuel tank with an efficient battery that is less expensive to “fill up” or charge for daily operation. 

Operators can control the Sky 1000 from the comfortable rear stand-on platform or remotely, up to 160 feet away with the standard remote control feature.

Other standard features include loader float and self-leveling functions, hydraulic attachment pin activation, an LED working light, and telematics that provide rental locations with useful data including GPS, speed, and inclination information.