Posted November 17, 2020

Submersible trash pump

Koshin America Corp. launches its PKJR Series submersible trash pumps.

The PKJR pumps will have the same quality and reliability found other Koshin pumps and include the Koshin three-year warranty.  

Koshin PKJR pumps

The PKJR pumps will be available in two models: the PKJR-400 ½-horsepower pump with 2-inch discharg) and the PKJR-750 1 horsepower pump with 2-inch discharge. The two models have a solids handling capacity of 0.4 inches. They feature a solid rubber base for added protection, double mechanical seals and thermal overload protection to prevent burnout.

The PKJR specs and performance is comparable to what is in the marketplace but offering a substantial cost savings providing an above average return on investment, sources report.