Posted November 9, 2023

Electric walk-behind roller

Sakai to preview Honda-powered electric walk-behind roller in New Orleans.

Sakai electric walk-behind double-drum roller prototype
Sakai to preview Honda-powered electric walk-behind roller in New Orleans at The Rental Show 2024.

Before zero-emissions technology was a popular global topic, Sakai began decades-long research and development of electrified compaction equipment. Most recently, with electrification in the road construction industry having finally gained initial acceptance, Sakai partnered with Honda in Japan to implement their new mobile power pack removable Li-ion battery system in a familiar double-drum walk-behind roller format.

This resulting electric roller will render charge anxiety a moot point by allowing battery swaps on the job site and the ability to easily charge in off hours without transporting the whole machine.

Operating costs with electric power would be much less than the gas-powered equivalents. From an equipment rental center perspective, the reduced number of moving parts would reduce maintenance and increase profitability. Official production version specifications and release date are still to be determined.

See it at The Rental Show 2024 booth 3020.