Posted October 9, 2021

Bobcat R2-Series E88 compact excavator

Latest addition to excavator lineup combines a redesigned engine, optimized lift performance, and undercarriage improvements for a big production in a compact machine.

Owners and operators looking for exceptional power, leading lift capacity and productivity in an efficient package will meet their match with the new Bobcat E88 compact excavator with a 14 percent increase in over-the-side lift capacity, when compared with the previous generation.

Bobcat E88 mini excavator

The Bobcat R2-Series E88 compact excavator is the latest addition to excavator lineup combines a redesigned engine, optimized lift performance, and undercarriage improvements for a big production in a compact machine.

The E88 comes equipped with dual-flange track rollers, integrated counterweight, extra machine weight and added track on ground. These undercarriage improvements offer increased over-the-side lift capacity allowing operators to dig with greater confidence over the side of the machine.

Like other Bobcat compact excavators, the E88’s Tier 4 turbo charged Bobcat engine achieves emissions compliance without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalyst reduction (SCR). This means fewer components for easier maintenance, plus no work stoppage due to DPF regeneration.

“The new model is designed for performance, ruggedness and operator convenience,” says Mike Wetzel, director of Product Management at Doosan Bobcat North America. “The R2-Series takes the key benefits from the prior generations with new improvements in lift performance, work group fine control and ride smoothness to push what is possible in a compact machine.”

Peak performance and uptime in a compact package
Owners and operators looking for leading lift capability will find it  within the narrow footprint of the Bobcat E88. Along with the added confidence in over the-side- performance, the excellent slewing ability lends the ability to push productivity higher.

Increased distance from sprocket to idler puts more track on the ground, which adds stability and helps to prevent a rocking sensation while lifting heavier loads. Improvements to the track design increase uptime and the overall life of the tracks as well. In addition, increased machine weight gives operators a rock-solid base for strong productivity, especially during the tough digging and heavy lifting tasks.

The E88 is powered by a newly redesigned Bobcat engine that delivers efficiency and performance, plus simplified routine maintenance. It also improves cold-weather operation and includes a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient. The new low-effort joysticks coupled with the new hydraulic control valve offers improved metering, movement and controllability, enabling a quick, smooth and precise work group for ultimate operator control.

Achieve more with operator-focused features
Key new features include integrated lift eye, optional clamp diverter valve and an add-on counterweight option to propel lift capacity even higher. It features an optional angle blade that allows operators to angle the machine’s backfill blade 25 degrees left or right to direct spoil from one side to the other without forming windrows on both sides of the blade. A great range of downward positioning ability enables the perfect angle for stabilizing the machine on uneven surfaces or while trenching at an angle. The blade is also ideal for “dust panning” material into the bucket, providing extra versatility for jobsite cleanup.

Cab environment
The interior houses an easy-to-reach control pattern selector under the seat. The optional automatic heating and air conditioning adjusts depending on the temperature of the cab; an optional high-back, heated seat with headrest provides added support

Owners have the option to add on a waterproof, chemically hardened 7-inch touch display; the most advanced compact equipment in-cab display available. Via a wide and easy-to-use touch screen, operators can access their mobile devices via Bluetooth™, connect with their dealer or customer easily through a quick contacts option and secure convenient touch operation without the inconvenience of glove removal.