Posted October 9, 2020

LED light towers

FTG Equipment Solutions, in collaboration with Trime S.p.a., designed LED light towers specifically for the U.S. construction equipment, rental and entertainment sectors.

The towers are durable, user friendly and built with focus on up-time, with operating costs for the customer being over five times less than traditional towers. The result: A full line of innovative lighting solutions including the EL1250H, a high output, long run, automated diesel light tower.

Trime EL1250H LED light tower
The Trime EL1250H LED light tower from FTG Equipment has the light output of two metal halide lide towers and a 288-hour runtime between fuel refills.

The Trime EL1250H LED light tower, constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel with durable anti-steel corrosion protection powder coat inside and out, is tough enough for any job site, but quiet enough for use at events. With a 288-hour run time, it needs refueling once a month. A built-in timer allows setting an on/off schedule or dusk to dawn operation.

This tower features four high-efficiency LED lamps equivalent to the output of two metal halide towers. The lamps have a five-year warranty and are adjustable and tiltable by hand with reinforced heavy-duty brackets. Other features include 1,000-hour engine service interval, Deep Sea controller with 16-event 7-day digital timer and hydraulic telescopic vertical galvanized mast with 26-foot maximum height. Compact in size, 15-17 units will fit per truckload.