Posted September 30, 2021

Boom lift upgrade

Snorkel upgrades mid-size telescopic boom line with higher lift capacities.

All Snorkel mid-size telescopic boom lift models will feature a new dual-envelope design as standard, delivering higher lifting capacities on all six models.

Snorkel 600SJ boom lift
Snorkel upgrades mid-size telescopic boom line with higher lift capacities.

The Snorkel 400S, 460SJ, 600S, 660SJ and 600S and 660SJ All-Terrain modelshave been fitted with a newly designed, globally-compliant jib boom. Measuring 5 feet 6 inches, the new jib boom reduces the stowed length of the unit for ease of transportation, while enabling higher lifting capacities.

All six upgraded models will now deliver a maximum platform capacity of 1,000 pounds with a restricted working envelope and 600 pounds unrestricted.

Developed in response to customer demand, the higher lifting capacities enable workers to carry additional tools and materials to the work area, increasing jobsite productivity.

The latest models also feature upgraded controls with a visual indicator showing the operator which capacity zone they are in, and clearer graphical display for ease of operation.

 “We are very pleased to be able to give our customers more capacity and features on already popular models. We know that the increased capacity will be welcomed by our valued customers, and will play a part in delivering enhanced productivity on job sites around the world,” says Matthew Elvin, Snorkel CEO.

The upgraded models are now in production and available to order globally