Posted September 29, 2020

Telescopic tool carrier

The Bobcat V923 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier provides increased lift height, reach and capacity.

Building on the success of prior Bobcat telescopic tool carriers, the global leader in compact equipment has recently expanded its line with the new V923 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier.

Bobcat V923 VersHandler telescopic tool carrier
Featuring a 130-horsepower turbocharged and fuel-efficient Bobcat engine and heavy-duty drivetrain, the V923 offers an increased rated operating capacity of 9,000 pounds for more productivity with every lift cycle and powerful pushing strength.

The new V923 expands the Bobcat family of VersaHandler telescopic tool carriers, also known as telehandlers, making it ideal for operators who need increased lift height, reach and capacity. Featuring a 130-horsepower turbocharged and fuel-efficient Bobcat engine and heavy-duty drivetrain, the V923 offers an increased rated operating capacity of 9,000 pounds for more productivity with every lift cycle and powerful pushing strength. In addition, the new V923 gives operators the versatility they need in numerous applications with a travel speed of up to 24.5 mph.

A Z-bar boom linkage delivers greater range of bucket rotation, an increased dump angle at full height and increased breakout force to lift material out of a pile and dump it easily. Plus, the new V923 features the power quick-tach attachment mounting system to increase utilization.

The V923 comes standard with a simple, state-of-the-art non-DPF Tier 4 engine that has a specially designed combustion chamber that minimizes the amount of particulate matter the engine creates. The amounts are low enough that a DPF isn’t needed for Tier 4 compliance, which simplifies maintenance as well as operation

In addition, the V923 gives operators a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that delivers a smooth 0 to 25 mph stepless driving experience, quick power when needed and high wheel torque for digging and pushing. The low-profile, extendable boom gives operators the power to access a wide range of lift heights and reach lengths with increased visibility to the right side of the machine. The low boom pivot point in the rear also helps make it a powerful machine when pushing. As the machine pushes, more of the weight stays on the front axle.

Operation is safe and easy with the familiarity of a steering wheel and automotive-style foot pedals, along with many additional features to help operators get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Other notable performance features include:

  • The load sense hydraulic system offers faster boom speeds and heavier lifting, giving operators extra power for smoother control when loaded, and the fastest boom cycle times possible when empty.
  • A patented hydraulic lift system provides advanced high-flow technology to optimize lift capabilities while providing high-speed movement – plus unrivaled multifunctioning performance during the lift cycle.
  • For durability and confidence when working on most intensive jobs, the V923 is equipped with reinforced heavy-duty axles with large lug nuts and a reinforced central differential gear. Heavy-duty universal joints are designed to handle tough working conditions and the steering cylinder is protected in the upper position.
  • The new, heavier-duty lift cylinder allows for a rated operating capacity of 9,000 pounds and improved lifting performance.
  • Operators can enable boom float while moving on uneven ground for smooth performance with attachments.

Increased machine protection

Bobcat has designed all its telehandlers with the same robust box-welded frame for enhanced rigidity, plus a low center of gravity for great overall stability. Its shielded bottom plate protects vital components. The engine, cooling system and many critical components are well-protected within the center of the chassis, ensuring minimal wear and tear due to jobsite obstacles or harsh terrain.

For additional protection, the V923 has a sealed engine compartment that helps shut out dust and debris, ensuring long component life. The radiator, oil cooler and intake air coolers are mounted side by side, carefully located to receive the same quality and temperature of air for efficient, consistent cooling ability, even in the most severe and dirty conditions. An automatic reverse cooling fan gives operators the ability to keep the radiator area cleaner for longer periods of time.

The new V923 is designed with optional window guards. The optional front and top window guards are designed to protect operators and the machine from falling and flying debris. In addition, the V923 cabs are designed and tested to Roll-Over Protection Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) standards.

The V923 has a variety of other uptime protection features including:

  • Fine mesh intake screen to help prevent large debris from entering the engine basket and plugging the radiator.
  • Diesel fuel is contained in a durable, rust-free polypropylene tank to minimize condensation and contamination of the fuel system.
  • Battery run-down protection that automatically shuts down after a predetermined time and voltage level, preventing accidental battery discharge.
  • Machine shutdown protection system to continuously monitor engine coolant, hydraulic engine oil and other vital machine functions.
  • Cylinders are strategically located in areas that are less prone to damaging contact on the job, protecting them from harm.

Selectable steering and travel modes
The versatility of the V923 is endless with three steering and travel modes to give operators application-matched maneuverability. The V923 has three steering types and four travel speeds to fit the needs of a variety of jobs.

  • All-wheel steer: Helps with quick and tight turns.
  • Front-wheel steer: Enables top-speed travel, eliminating the need to haul the machine on a trailer from the jobsite.
  • Crab steer: For precise side-to-side positioning.

Operators can select from three travel modes that provide more precise movement in numerous applications.

  • 2-Speed travel option: Offers two speed ranges, each with its own high and low setting, for improved productivity and better maneuverability.
  • Speed management: Adjusts travel speed independently from engine speed. Operators can use their accelerator pedal to set the engine speed to the optimal setting for the attachment they are operating, then dial in their desired travel speed.
  • Inching control: Reduces drive speed without reducing power to the attachment, enabling slower, more precise control without sacrificing productivity.

Enhanced operator comfort
The V923 was carefully designed to offer the best visibility from every angle. The low-profile boom sits below operator eye level to provide a better view of the operator’s surroundings. Front, top and rear window wipers clear away moisture and minimize the buildup of dust, debris and mud. Multiple mirrors on the operator’s left and right assist them when working in confined areas. An optional rear mirror kit and boom work light kit are also available.

Quick Look: 

Bobcat V923 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier

 Horsepower: 130-hp, non-DPF Bobcat Tier 4 diesel engine

Operating weight: 18,158 lb.

Maximum rated lift capacity: 9,041lb.*

Maximum lift height: 277 in.*

Maximum reach: 162.3 in.*

Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 39.6 gpm

Travel speed, low (Gear 1): 3.7 mph

Travel speed, high (Gear 2): 24.5 mph

Three steering modes: Front, all-wheel and crab

The V923 has a unique wraparound rear window that gives operators a completely unobstructed line of sight to the side and rear of the machine. Plus, an easy-to-read instrumentation panel gives operators an edge in equipment operation. The backlit display panel monitors major functions and features intuitive attachment controls, operation lights, warnings and an hour meter for quick service checks.

A boom cushioning suspension system makes it easier for operators to handle the load, providing a smoother motion as the attachment angles to its minimum or maximum pitch, or when the boom reaches full retraction. Activating ride control reduces material spillage and enables operators to travel at faster speeds for increased productivity. Thanks to its dampening effect, this feature also increases comfort by offering a smoother ride when traveling across uneven terrain.

An enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning is standard for V923 telescopic tool carriers, minimizing dirt and dust inside the operating area and keeping the operator refreshed through the workday. Automotive-style vents allow operators to point the air where they need it, providing enhanced comfort in all weather conditions. In addition, a single intuitive joystick allows operators to control several functions, including travel direction, lift and tilt functions, boom extension, and auxiliary hydraulics from the cab. A high-comfort air-suspension seat adjusts to the operator’s weight, enabling maximum comfort on the jobsite. Plus, the V923 is available with a keyless start option, giving operators the convenience of keyless start and the added security of an owner-defined numeric code.

Unmatched attachment versatility
Available on the V923, is the power quick-tach attachment mounting system, which provides robust, compact attachment versatility. The hydraulic lock function allows operators to change non-hydraulic attachments safely and quickly without leaving the cab.

The V923 is approved for use with the following attachments:

  • Bale fork (accessory for rigid pallet fork frame)
  • Bucket, general purpose: 93 inches
  • Bucket, grapple: 96 inches
  • Bucket, light material (2.6-yard volume): 96 inches
  • Pallet fork, floating
  • Pallet fork, rigid
  • Pallet fork, side-shift