Posted September 28, 2020

Compact 15,400-pound roto-telehandlers

Merlo introduces the Heavy Duty R70.24 S-Plus + R70.28 S-Plus Rotos telehandlers.

Applied Machinery Sales, the distributor of Merlo telehandlers in the United States, introduces the R70.24 S-Plus and the R70.28 S-Plus. These Merlo Roto models deliver 15,400 pounds lift capacity and offer lift heights that meet the most demanding job site requirements, all within a compact footprint.

MERLO R70-24 S-Plus Roto telehandler
The R70.24 S-Plus is equipped with an 80-foot lift,and the R70.28 S-Plus lifts to 91 feet.

The R70.24 S-Plus is equipped with an 80-foot lift,and the R70.28 S-Plus lifts to 91 feet. Both machines have nimble maneuverability thanks to the hydrostatic transmission that can travel up to 25 mph with its electronic Eco Power Drive (EPD) control. The EPD allows the engine speed to vary, independent of the speed of the machine. The load-sensing and flow-sharing hydraulic circuits seamlessly supply multiple, simultaneous boom movements with rapid 360-dgree turret rotation for precision load placement. 

The chassis is surrounded by a 30inch ring of steel that lowers the center of gravity, provides greater protection of the machine and supplies perfect weight distribution. The robust Iveco 4 cylinder engine delivers 170 horsepower.

Cab and the controls 
Supplementing Merlo’s 360-degree operator view with more than 46 square feet of glass surface is its 20-degree tilt cab that offers the operator comfortable and continuous visual sightlines of the boom and its load. In addition. access to Roto cabs is now easier and safer with the addition of handles and steps on both sides of the turret. 

A wide, split door leads into a spacious command center. The cab air filtration, with its HEPA filter, is located on the side of the cab.  The 8-vent AC/heat system efficiently delivers optimal airflow.

Designed for premium operator efficiency, The S-Plus Rotos have a touch-control SMART multi-functional armrest; two horizontal capacitive-sensitive joysticks; and a touch-sensitive dashboard. Functional controls, such as independent stabilizer placement and machine suspension are integrated into the armrest. The cab is mounted on silent blocks to reduce noise and vibration. The no flex boom's Tac-lock system is safely controlled from the cab for quick, safe attachment of accessories. 

Safety and stability
The Advanced Safety System (ASCS) incorporates the best of Merlo telehandler safety systems. The ASCS collects and analyzes real-time data of the Roto’s parameters. It uses 65 sensors to locate the stabilizer position, boom extension angle, turret position, carriage rotation, load position and weight, which is displayed on the highly visible LCD screen. The active suspension system automatically corrects the machine’s position in relation to the terrain. 

Specs at a glance

  • Automatic load management system (ASCS) displays operating and safety parameters in real-time on a large, very visible, LCD screen.
  • Load sensing and flow sharing hydraulics allow for multiple, simultaneous boom movements, and rapid turret rotation.

  • Hydrostatic transmission ensures precision machine movement. 

  • S-Plus Roto models are equipped with active suspension systems automatically correcting machine placement on uneven terrain for consistent, safe lifting. 

  • Multi-positional stabilizers can be manually  or automatically deployed for precise placement on tight job sites. 

  • Compact footprint:

    R70.24 S Plus: 24’3” x 8’2” (stabilizers deployed 17’3”) x 7’11”

    R70.28 S Plus: 27’3” x 8’2” (stabilizers deployed 20’8”) x 10’10”

The four independent, multi-positional stabilizers can be manually deployed for precise placement on tight job sights. Or, with one button activation, the Rotos units will automatically self-level. The load diagram reflects the necessary data for safe load placement, with or without stabilizer activation. 

Merlo stabilizers are designed to tightly retract for a compact footprint for safe job site movement. They are also equipped with high power, and high dynamic braking make it possible for the S-Plus Roto models to remain static, even on steep slopes.