Posted September 22, 2022

Portable automatic transfer switch (ATS) lineup

Trystar expands portable ATS line to facilitate emergency and prime generator system rental and maintenance.

Offering more choices than ever, Trystar has introduced a line of compact, portable Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) with models rated at 200/400/600/800 and 1200 amps.

Trystar Automatic Transfer Switches
Trystar has introduced a line of compact, portable Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) with models rated at 200/400/600/800 and 1200 amps.

A rental generator paired with a portable ATS is the perfect solution for various applications. Industrial maintenance and remodeling scenarios often call for grid power to be temporarily shut off and then reenergized for subsequent tests and inspections.

The combination is also beneficial when a permanent generator and/or switchgear must be serviced or replaced. Critical facilities may also require commercial-grade backup power. Having that capability “on-the-shelf” makes the rental industry an essential resource for a broad range of customers who need the capability to integrate portable power into their operational and maintenance programs. Alternatively, the ATS may be connected to a pair of generators feeding a single output. Should one generator run out of fuel or fail, the load is seamlessly switched to the remaining generator. 

The Trystar lineup also offers the convenience of having dual 480/208-volt capabilities built into the same unit. An operator can simply select the required voltage quickly and easily via the integral touchscreen control. Trystar’s design allows one unit to serve a range of diverse needs and gives rental operations the option of stocking a single unit to reduce inventory yet suit the most common voltage requirements.

  • Smaller footprint (up to 75 percent smaller than competitive units)
  • Internal buss bar enhances reliability and reduces maintenance
  • Dual-volt (480/208) selectable design enhances flexibility and reduces inventory requirements
  • Intuitive touchscreen is easy to use and captures data, displays status and offers programmable features
  • Integral Modbus interface allows remote monitoring
  • UL Standard 1008 and NEMA 3R listings
  • Made in the U.S.A.

 “Two of the most compelling features of our portable ATS lineup is the compact design and intuitive touchscreen control. Our ATS units feature a robust design, yet they’re compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport within a busy construction or maintenance environment. Customers find them easy to use, reducing frustration and lost productivity,” says Chris Tacheny, Trystar Midwest sales manager,

The Trystar ATS touch screen displays event logs, use cycles, voltage changes, transfers, KVA and KVAH plus amperage, voltage, and wattage.

Standard features include cam lock input and output connections, dual inputs with a common output, and two-wire auto-start for portable generators. Inputs are male 16 series panel mounts (BK, BK, BK, WT, GN), and outputs are female 16 series panel mounts (BK, BK, BK, WT, GN). The heavy-duty aluminum cabinet is housed in a steel cage with lifting eyes and fork pockets and can be moved by hand or with a standard pallet jack.

For more information about Trystar’s portable ATS line, click here