Donaldson expands premium filter coverage for heavy-duty equipment

Donaldson Company recently expanded its premium line of Donaldson Blue fuel filters to provide significant performance advantage over competitive types of filters.

Donaldson fuel filters

For example, the Donaldson Blue fuel filter can deliver fuel that is four times cleaner than what the closest competitor can provide, Donaldson sources report.

Donaldson Blue fuel filters with Synteq XP media offer best-in-class contaminant removal and retention under the dynamic operating conditions that heavy-duty engines and equipment experience every day.

Compared to Fleetguard NanoNet brand filters, tests show that Donaldson Blue filters with Synteq XP media deliver fuel that is four times cleaner over the life of the filter. “Fewer particles means fewer contaminants flowing downstream to fuel injectors – protecting hard-working engines and maximizing uptime, said Veli Kalayci, Director, Donaldson Engine Liquid Products.

Kalayci added, “Getting the cleanest fuel possible to an engine’s injectors is an absolute priority. Much of today’s heavy-duty equipment uses highly sensitive high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems and operates in demanding environments with vibration, fuel pump pulsation and surging fuel flows. Any contamination, even particles as small as 2 or 3 microns, can cause significant damage to injectors and other fuel system components, which can result in reduced fuel economy, expensive injector repairs and unplanned downtime. Simply put, the cleanest fuel is the best option for your engines – and that is what Donaldson Blue fuel filters deliver.”

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