Posted September 21, 2022

Hybrid energy systems

The new Energy Boss hybrid energy systems from ANA offers a breakthrough in hybrid power generation and energy storage.

The innovative mobile platform integrates top-line quality generators with leading-edge battery technology and highly specialized control systems to reduce fuel, emissions and service while meeting customers' power demands.

ANA Corp. Energy Boss hybrid energy systems
Energy Boss is available in a variety of battery capacity options that can be stacked. 

Energy Boss is available in a variety of battery capacity options that can be stacked. These models are powered by fast-charging and discharging, long-life cycle life batteries, coupled with a generator providing a recharging current when the load is higher or for extended runtimes.

It is a fully automated, cost-effective power solution providing continuous power in any environment without compromising power quality. By utilizing the new battery technology, the Hybrid Energy Systems reduce generator runtime and significantly decrease carbon dioxide emissions compared to standalone generators. It will help reduce operating and maintenance expenses by up to 80 percent, depending on the site load and operating hours. The models include telematics for remotely monitoring, locating and controlling power during off-peak hours, further lowering costs and maintaining control.

In addition to its ultra-high cycle technology, the Di Lithium battery from ANA offers an operating life of 20 to 40 times longer than standard AGM, LFP, or NMC batteries. Using the Energy Boss, a wide range of operating temperatures is available, reducing the risk of thermal runaway so no additional HVAC or fire suppression systems are required.

Featuring an all-in-one compact trailer and a large 10-inch control display, the Energy Boss reduces greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, and noise pollution while providing power where and when you need it.