Posted September 20, 2019

New compact tractor line

Bobcat Company offers 15 new compact tractor models ranging from 21 to 58 horsepower.

The units will feature one of four transmission types, so the models can be chosen to take on the challenges and chores homeowners with acreage and agriculture producers face daily.

Bobcat compact tractors
Bobcat offers an extensive lineup of sub-compact and compact tractors across four platforms to best match customer needs. 

“Compact tractors are a natural complement to existing Bobcat compact equipment,” says Chris Knipfer, general manager, Bobcat compact tractors. “In fact, many of our current customers who own loaders and excavators also own tractors. We now have a Bobcat compact tractor option for those customers.”

Compact tractor models
Bobcat offers an extensive lineup of sub-compact and compact tractors across four platforms to best match customer needs. Each model varies in size, horsepower, and open-station or cab options. To determine which model offers the best features for any given customer, it’s important to reference each machine’s corresponding model number:

CT1021, CT1025, CT2025, CT2035, CT2040, CT2535, CT2540, CT4045, CT4050, CT4055, CT4058, CT5545, CT5550, CT5555, CT5558

The compact tractor model number provides valuable insight on each machine’s structure and power. The first two digits represent the tractor’s frame size, or whether it is a 1,000, 2,000, 4,000 or 5,000 platform machine. For example, in CT2XXX, the number two indicates that the tractor in question is a 2,000-platform machine. The digit following the first two numbers indicates whether the tractor has an open canopy (ROPs) or a deluxe cab. While a CT50XX has an open canopy, a CT55XX offers a deluxe cab. The final two digits in the model number represent the engine horsepower of each tractor. For example, the CT4055 offers a 55 horsepower engine while the CT4058 has a 58 horsepower engine.  

Key features and benefits
Bobcat is bringing exceptional quality and versatility to landowners with the addition of Bobcat compact tractors. Each machine is designed to provide the best performance and value available in the industry.

Standard four-wheel drive: Every Bobcat tractor model comes standard with four-wheel drive. Customers can easily engage four-wheel drive whenever the work demands it to provide superior power and traction in even the toughest working conditions.

Maximum maneuverability: Bobcat compact equipment is known for maneuverability. Compact tractors are no exception. A tight turning radius of as little as 96.4 inches is essential for effective mowing, tilling and operating in close proximity to barns, fences, trees and other barriers.

Select Bobcat tractors also offer steering brakes – models CT2025 and up – to give customers greater control when working between buildings, in pens and barns, or around other obstacles. This feature improves maneuverability by helping maintain a tighter turning radius – nearly pivoting the tractor on the inside wheel.

Standard quick-attach mounting system: Time-saving features like the Bobcat quick attach mounting system come standard across all platforms to save customers valuable time and money. This feature enables customers to easily exchange front- and mid-mounted attachments for multiple jobs – providing greater value and versatility to any property.

Attachments and implements: Bobcat compact tractors are the perfect tool for trimming down hours of work thanks to their versatile lineup of compatible attachments and implements:
: front-end loader, backhoe and mid-mount mower
Implements: box blade, angle blade, tine rake, rotary cutter, tiller, snowblower, finish mower, post hole digger (auger), rear ballast box and quick hitch

Three-point hitch: The three-point hitch is essential to a tractor’s versatility. With the standard three-point hitch, operators can perform a large number of tasks, or replace work previously done by hand, by attaching and removing implements and attachments with ease.

Rear PTO: Bobcat compact tractors stay on top of any project with powerful rear power take-off (PTO). This feature is essential for transferring power from the engine to any rotary implement – keeping users moving regardless of the chore.

Tire options: Tires have a large impact on a tractor’s traction, flotation, ground disturbance, wear and overall performance. Bobcat tractors are available with three different types of tires to match the requirements of your work: Agricultural tires are designed for towing heavy loads or pulling implements, turf tires are ideal for providing excellent traction with minimal damage to lawns or finished surfaces and industrial tires offer maximum traction and outstanding protection against long-time wear or punctures.

Transmission types: With multiple types to choose from, there’s a transmission option for any user. Bobcat compact tractors are designed with one of four different transmission types, depending on the tractor’s frame size and model:

  • Manual shift transmission is an economical and reliable option that changes gears and ranges by stopping and clutching – perfect for jobs that require a constant speed, such as mowing or spraying. 
  • Synchro shift transmission is a manual option that provides the greatest ease of use – allowing users to clutch and shift between all speeds and ranges as they travel. 
  • Hydrostatic transmission (HST) provides maximum ease of use and is ideal for front-end loader work. HST also allows the operator to quickly and easily change direction from forward to reverse and back. 
  • Electric hydrostatic transmission (E-HST) faetures all the same benefits of HST, however it also allows operators to maintain uphill speed without travel pedal adjustments.

Uptime and serviceability: Bobcat compact tractors are designed with features that enhance uptime and ensure the machine is easy to service. With one-sided maintenance, users have easy access to engine fluid fills and filters from one side of the tractor. This keeps tractors in prime condition with minimal effort.

The metal hood on select models also works to protect a user’s uptime by shielding the engine and components from dirt and debris while providing greater visibility from the operator station. A heavy-duty brush guard protects the front of the machine from debris, branches and other obstacles. In addition to superior uptime and serviceability features, each tractor is backed by an extensive dealer network and a 24-month, 1,500-hour warranty.

Comfort features: A Bobcat compact tractor’s superior comfort features turn a long day, and a long list of projects, into no problem for operators. These features include a suspension seat for absorbing bumps and creating an overall smoother ride, a rubber deck mat to dampen vibrations through the floor and a comfortable operator station with ergonomic controls to enable hours of comfortable and confident work. All of the controls, gauges and buttons on Bobcat compact tractors are thoughtfully laid out with operator ease of use in mind. The illuminated dashboard allows users to easily operate and monitor performance in any light condition, so operators can finish a long day’s work in comfort.