Posted September 16, 2020

Rivet busters

The Chicago Pneumatic (CP) 4608 and 4611 rivet busters offer one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market.

The rivet buster has a teasing throttle for precise control, which is part of the Controlled Power System (CPS).

Chicago Pneumatic rivet buster

Other features of the system are control over blank firing, excessive wear and premature structural breakage. In addition, an indicator groove on the lower sleeve shows when it is time to replace the bumper. These features help control operating cost and avoid unexpected work interruptions.

Originally designed for removing rivets, rivet busters are now used for concrete demolition work and bridgework. It has approximately the same hitting power as a 60-pound breaker with only half its weight.

The 4608-rivet buster offers 900 blows per minute (bpm) while the 4611-rivet buster offers 720 bpm.