Posted September 15, 2023

Electric buggy

The new Toro electric Ultra Buggy e2500 navigates hard-to-access areas with versatility.

Toro Ultra Buggy
The new Toro electric Ultra Buggy  e2500 navigates hard-to-access areas with versatility.

After a decade of innovation in the material buggy business, Toro introduced the next evolution in material handling: the new electric Ultra Buggy. The new electric Ultra Buggy builds on Toro’s success with its popular and innovative line of material buggies by offering operators a battery-powered solution that will open the door to new job sites.

The electric Ultra Buggy is powered by Toro’s proprietary HyperCell battery system. HyperCell was specifically developed to meet customer demand and is optimized to deliver up to an exceptional eight-hour continuous runtime, allowing it to run as long as your crew. When it needs charging, the on-board charger conveniently plugs into a standard 120-volt wall outlet and fully charges the machine in up to eight hours.

“Designed with a deep understanding of customer needs and job site demands, the new buggy is exciting on multiple fronts. Exceptional runtime and a compact design make it nimble and convenient, electric power eliminates on-site engine exhaust emissions, and the thick, polyethylene tub easily handles all types of material,” says Kaitlyn Ingli, associate marketing manager, Toro. “It’s the perfect, versatile addition to indoor and outdoor construction and renovation projects, and a great machine for rental operations and customers.”

Featuring a compact design, zero engine exhaust emissions, and a narrow width of 31.5 inches, the new electric Ultra Buggy can fit through a 3-foot door with a crash bar. It also features zero-turn-radius steering to navigate hard-to-access areas. Built to be versatile and agile, it’s equipped with a fold-up platform so operators can choose to stand on or walk behind the unit. The fold-up platform serves a second purpose, as well, allowing the unit to fit inside elevators or on trailers for easy transport.

The electric Ultra Buggy’s durable design is ready to haul up to 14 cubic feet or 2,500 pounds of material, making it ready to handle even the most challenging material handling applications. Additionally, the mounted directional and dump switches ensure continuous movement while operating the machine.

The polyethylene tub has an increased thickness of 3/8 inches allowing operators to haul more than just concrete, and a steel tub is also available for applications that require it. The optional steel tub is designed with the same 14 cubic foot or 2,500-pound capacity and can be used with any machine in the Toro Ultra Buggy lineup.