Posted September 13, 2021

Battery-powered screed

Husqvarna introduces the BV30I new battery-powered, agile and durable screed.

Powered by cells from the company’s established battery system, the BV 30i offers users the convenience of cordless operation as well as the durability and performance of Husqvarna products.

Husqvarna BV30i battery-powered screed

In addition to how it’s powered, the BV 30i delivers clear ergonomic and sustainability benefits from day one. It is cordless and lightweight, operates with low vibrations and does not emit direct exhaust fumes for a more pleasant, safer working environment.

"On site, the BV 30i is a proven performer built to the same standards as its petrol-driven equivalent. However, we understand our customers and we appreciate their demands for simple, smart solutions that optimize their work without compromising on results. The BV 30i delivers this, says Marcus Trybom, global product manager for Husqvarna Concrete Placement Solutions.