Stihl MS 261 chain saw redesigned for optimal performance

Designed as a mid-range professional saw, the Stihl MS 261 model range features low exhaust emissions, fuel efficiency and durability.

Stihl MS 261 chainsawA redesigned cylinder and slimmer, ergonomic engine housing reduces weight thus delivering a great power-to-weight ratio, while its pre-separation air filtration system boosts the efficiency of the engine’s filter system, resulting in less frequent cleaning.

“We’ve made a great chain saw even better and Stihl now offers three model options — the Stihl MS 261, Stihl MS 261 C-M with Stihl M-Tronic or Stihl MS 261 C-MQ with Stihl M-Tronic and Stihl Quickstop Plus — for professionals to choose the best model for the job,” reports Kent Hall, senior product manager at Stihl Inc.

Optimized for performance
The redesigned model range also includes upgraded performance features including:
• Slimmer sprocket cover, reducing wood chip clogging so professionals can spend more time on the job and less time clearing the cover.
• Redesigned bumper spikes with fewer teeth, spaced wider apart for optimized wood traction when bucking and felling.

Easy to use, convenient to maintain
Stihl MS 261 chain saws are designed with customer convenience in mind, coming equipped with:
• Anti-vibration system to help users stay comfortable during extended use.
• Pre-separation air filtration system boosting the engine’s filter system efficiency, resulting in less frequent cleaning.
• Toolless fuel and oil filler caps simplify the refilling of fuel and oil.
• Translucent fuel tank, making it easy to tell when it’s time to refill.

Options for maximum performance
Users can maximize their performance by selecting either the Stihl MS 261 C-M equipped with Stihl M-Tronic or the Stihl MS 261 C-MQ with Stihl M-Tronic and Stihl Quickstop Plus.

• Stihl M-Tronic engine management system includes an onboard microprocessor that digitally monitors and automatically compensates for changes in work conditions, including elevation, fuel quality, octane levels and dirty air filters. The end result is maximum performance across a wide range of cutting conditions without making any manual adjustments.
• Stihl Quickstop Plus chain-braking system is designed to stop the chain in less than one second when the user completely releases the rear handle.

MSRP starting at $599.95:
• MS 261: $599.95
• MS 261 C-M: $599.95
• MS 261 C-MQ: $719.95

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