Posted September 8, 2022

2 MW standby/1825 kW prime power gen set

Caterpillar introduces the Cat XQ2280 power module, the industry’s first large-scale, single-engine mobile power module certified to Tier 4 Final emission standards.

It is the industry’s first single-engine mobile power solution above 560 kW that complies with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Cat XQ2280 gen set
Caterpillar introduces the Cat XQ2280 power module, the industry’s first large-scale, single-engine mobile power module certified to Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Now available for 60-Hz applications from Cat dealers throughout North America, the power module provides up to 2 MW of standby power or 1825 kW of prime power.  Its essential components are all packaged in a weather-resistant 48-foot container that streamlines transport and deployment while offering exceptional sound attenuation.  

The Cat XQ2280 is ideal for data centers, healthcare facilities, municipal infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants and other utilities, mining and quarry sites and other large-scale applications.

“As the need grows for temporary power solutions that can support operations at an enterprise scale, the Cat XQ2280 offers superior prime and standby power performance in a complete, easy-to-operate package that meets North America’s most stringent emission standards.” says Tom Caldwell, global general manager for electric power rental solutions at Caterpillar. 

Optimal performance for rental customers
Powered by the field-proven Cat 3516C engine, the Cat XQ2280 power module offers many features making it ideal for rental applications. It is equipped with the EMCP 4.4 digital control panel, which provides all generator set controls and system indicators in a single, easy-to-access interface, as well as a programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality that improves reliability and flexibility for accommodating changes in processes or application requirements.

The Cat XQ2280 power module is highly mobile for simplified site logistics, featuring external fuel and diesel exhaust fuel (DEF) fill ports positioned on the same side of the module for convenient single-side access. A new externally mounted touch-screen human-machine interface provides a safe and convenient way for monitoring operating status and performing common tasks without entering the unit, such as starting or stopping the machine. 

It is equipped with Cat Connect technology to remotely track and manage the generator set and improve operational efficiency. The telematics send real-time information on fuel level, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) level, battery voltage, and run status. Connected assets support peak operation with timely insights that help customers better control costs, improve performance and reduce risks. 

The Cat XQ2280 power module is designed with a dual-wall, 1,050-gallon fuel tank that enables up to 10 hours of prime operation, and an optional cold-weather package is available for operation in extreme weather conditions. It can use up to 100 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a renewable fuel that can further reduce the carbon footprint of the engine and the environmental footprint of users.  The XQ2280 is also remote fuel- and DEF tank-capable for utility applications and continuous operations.

Additionally, the Cat XQ2280 reduces sound levels to 81 dB(A) at 7 meters per SAEJ1074, when measured at 75 percent prime load and 75 percent fan speed.

Fully designed and tested by Caterpillar, the Cat XQ2280 uses proven technologies seamlessly integrated to enable simple, reliable operation.