Posted September 2, 2021

Two-in-one attachment

Loegering Power Attachments offers the ST Series stabilizing and milling skid-steer and compact track loader attachments.

The ST1000 and ST600 attachments are versatile and give contractors in the construction and roadwork industries the ability to complete milling and stabilizing applications with the same tool.

Loegering ST1000 attachment
Loegering Power Attachments offers the ST Series stabilizing and milling attachments to the North American market. The ST1000 — seen here with the ASV RT-120 Forestry Posi-Track loader — is the larger of the two and allows completion of jobs that may have otherwise required larger, dedicated equipment.
Loegering ST600 attachment

The ST Series attachments give contractors the value of two tools in one, thanks to a unique drum design allowing both milling and stabilizing. Here, an RT-75 Posi-Track loader operates an ST600.

“Reliability and performance are top priorities at Loegering Power Attachments,” said Buck Storlie, ASV Holdings Inc. product line manager. “The ST Series exemplifies that with solid construction and unmatched dependability. The two-in-one attachments allow contractors to use the mobility and versatility of a compact track loader or skid steer while completing milling and stabilizing applications efficiently and with maximum uptime.”

The attachments are built with convenience in mind. The ST Series gives contractors the value of two tools in one, due to a unique drum design that allows both milling and stabilizing. Operators achieve accurate milling to a depth of nine inches and the ability to follow the contour of the pavement independent of the loader accomplished with independent level control on both sides of the attachment. Contractors achieve optimal mixing of binders into cut pavement as a result of a large mixing chamber, allowing the cut material to expand. A dust suppression system helps ensure safety compliance. Spraying stabilizing fluid or binder is convenient as a result of ports built directly into the cutter box.

The 39-inch-wide ST1000 is one of the largest compact track loader or skid-steer-mounted milling attachments on the market. The demanding tool requires a powerful carrier to operate correctly, and the ASV RT-120 Posi-Track loader is well-matched for the job. The attachment’s size allows contractors to use a compact track loader or skid steer to complete milling or stabilizing jobs such as parking lots that may otherwise have required the expense of a larger, dedicated piece of equipment.

Loegering Power Attachments also offers the 24-inch-wide ST600 for use on smaller, lower-flow-rate loaders than the RT-120, such as ASV RT-75 Posi-Track loader. The attachment is ideal for efficiently completing smaller projects, such as narrow roadways, small parking lots, paved trails and paths.

The ST Series attachments are user simple to operate with the joystick controls that allow full operator control at the touch of four buttons. Plus, users have the ability to control functions remotely with an optional remote control.

Both attachments are built for maximum reliability, featuring a heavy-duty construction and robust one-inch-thick frame. In addition to durability, the heavy frame provides stability by reducing bouncing during operation and keeps the attachment firmly planted to the ground, improving productivity. Maintenance is convenient; the models have very few required spare parts, interchangeable wear strips on skid plates, sealed bearings and only two grease fittings on the floating turntable of the attachment. Operators can easily change cutting tools with the quick-change tooling system. Plus, a dual direct hydraulic drive eliminates the need for gearboxes or pulleys and the associated maintenance and reliability problems.

The ST Series attachments are part of a line of Loegering Power Attachments tools for concrete and asphalt milling and grinding designed and built for the construction, roadworks and flooring industries. The line is co-branded with Schibeci, an Australia-based specialty equipment manufacturer.