Posted August 16, 2022

New mini excavator models

Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces next generation ViO17-1E & ViO25-6B mini excavators.

The ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B are upgraded for improved operator comfort, convenience and ease of use while retaining Yanmar equipment’s reputation for high performance and reliability in tight spaces.

Yanmar ViO17-1E mini excavator

The new ViO17-1E is best suited for residential work, landscaping and small general construction projects.

The ViO17-1E is best suited for residential work, landscaping and small general construction projects. The ViO25-6B also excels in those applications but brings additional power and size for benefits in building maintenance projects, irrigation, plumbing pipeline and more.

“Operators will appreciate the upgraded features in these new generation models,” says Jeff Pate, director of sales at Yanmar Compact Equipment North America. “From improved operator comfort and lighting to enhanced attachment coupling, the improvements make long days in the cab a little easier.”

The ViO17-1E offers a 4,023-pound operating weight and 14.5-horsepower engine while the ViO25-6B features a 5,908-pound operating weight and 20.4-horsepower engine. Both models feature a light footprint for minimized damage to soft, delicate surfaces in landscaping, residential and sculpting applications. Despite their small size, the models feature impressive dig depths of 7 feet, 7 inches for the ViO17-1E and 10 feet for the ViO25-6B.

Yanmar builds the ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B with true zero tail swing technology for maximum workplace performance. Zero tail swing models are designed so that no part of the cab or canopy extends beyond the track width. This helps protect the structure the machine is working next to and the machine itself in tight spaces.

The ViO17-1E has a unique, retractable undercarriage that allows operators to hydraulically extend and retract the track width. This makes it even easier for the machine to access narrow job sites.

Operators will find it simple to work efficiently in the ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B, thanks to added features such as standard PTO quick-connect fittings that allow for easier hookup or switching between attachments. For added efficiency, the upgraded LED light integrated into the boom can shine directly onto the work area so operators can easily see what needs to be done.

The updated ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B have been upgraded to a four-point tie system for easier loading and unloading as well as reliable stability during transport.

To minimize operator fatigue and further improve efficiency, the ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B also include a new seat and other creature comforts such as an ergonomic throttle and better display and switch positions for easy access. With more intuitive controls, operators will also be able to improve efficiency with less training time needed.

For added productivity and efficiency on the jobsite, the ViO25-6B also includes ECO mode, auto-decel mode and auto shift two-speed travel as standard features. ECO mode helps extend engine life, lengthen oil change intervals and reduces fuel consumption by reducing engine speed and power draw when not needed. The mini excavator’s auto shift 2-speed travel design conveniently shifts the machines between low and high range automatically, making switching between job site tasks and longer travel times seamless for the operator.

The ViO25-6B includes SmartAssist Remote, Yanmar’s telematics system, free for five years on new machines. Using the integrated theft protection, the mini excavator’s owner can set a range from a specific location or a starting time, triggering SmartAssist Remote to send a notification if that range is exceeded.

SmartAssist Remote can also detect errors with electronic components and send notifications to service personnel and directly to Yanmar to streamline the diagnostic process. Additionally, the machine’s owner can view the operational status of the equipment in real time and view daily work reports that track use of the excavator, useful data that can improve job site productivity over time. Finally, SmartAssist Remote can track maintenance intervals and inspection items as well as notify the owner via email about upcoming maintenance requirements.

The ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B have cylinder guards that are strategically placed in front of the cylinders on the boom, arm and bucket to protect them from being hit.

The units have a 4-year/4,000-hour warranty.