Posted August 14, 2018

Root rake grapple

The Virnig V50 root rake grapple skid steer attachment is a two-cylinder, single-jaw grapple designed for digging, raking, piling, and loading debris.

The jaw opens more than 40 inches and allows the user to back-drag or rake debris. The jaw and rake tines are made from 3/8-inch Grade 80 steel (80,000 psi yield strength).

Virnig V50 root rake grapple

No front comb at the tine tips means users can easily drive the bottom of the grapple deep into piles of branches, logs and debris.

The replaceable, Series 23 cast steel teeth cut deep into and underneath stubborn roots and debris. The rakes come in three sizes: 66-, 72- and 78-inch models.

A V60, heavier-duty version of this grapple, is also available.

Cylinder guards come standard with all Virnig root rake grapple models.