Posted August 13, 2019

Wheel loaders

The new John Deere Class Production Class L-Series wheel loaders offer customers the power and comfort they need on the job.

Three models — including the 744L, 824L and 844L— are equipped with a roomier cab, new electrohydraulic (EH) controls and an improved HVAC system, resulting in better overall all-day comfort and productivity.

John Deere L series wheel loaders
John Deere L Series wheel loaders.

“Our customers work day in and day out on some of the toughest quarries and job sites, making reliability and productivity critical for their operation. With the new L-Series wheel loaders, we listened to customer feedback and used that information to continue to improve our wheel loader offerings,” says John Chesterman, product marketing manager, production class four-wheel drive loaders, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “These machines are more comfortable, reliable and fuel-efficient, all without impacting productivity. We understand that our customers need equipment they can trust to complete the job, and these new machines offer just that.”

One of the most notable features on the L-Series wheel loaders is the more comfortable cab, which has several features to improve operability. First, the standard premium cab is roomier, with three more inches of legroom and storage space behind and next to the seat compared to the K-Series machines. The new seat offers heating and ventilation, as well as seat pan and tilt adjustment. The cab offers premium radio, a backup camera, automatic temperature control and power-adjusted exterior mirrors, and it is CB radio-ready. Additionally, the cab door is 79 percent wider at the floor compared to the previous models, allowing for easier entrance and exit, and the platform has been cut out around the top step for improved visibility.

Standard joystick steering helps to improve cab room, and customers can choose to add a steering wheel as a field kit. A new dedicated steering pump provides quicker hydraulic cycle times for combined functions. Two programmable multifunction buttons on the bucket lever help to further increase technology.

All new EH controls offer the highest level of operator comfort as a result of several key features. Soft stop features allow the boom or bucket to gradually stop when either the kickout position is reached, or the operator releases the control, significantly reducing the harshness of stopping functions. Cylinder snubbing gradually slows cylinders nearing the end of stroke, eliminating the harsh behavior of end of stroke. Finally, these machines offer programmable return to dig from the operator’s seat, which can be activated with the bucket dumped out or rolled back.

The new machines are more powerful than the previous models, with an increase of up to nine percent in horsepower. The 744L, 824L, 844L and 844L Aggregate Handler models offer 315 horsepower (235 kW), 343 horsepower (256 kW), 417 horsepower (311 kW) and 429 horsepower (320 kW), respectively. All units boast improvements in fuel efficiency, with the 824L specifically being equipped with a 9.0-liter engine, like the 744L, lowering fuel consumption by up to 12 percent. The 844L is equipped with a proven 13.5-liter engine, reducing fuel consumption by up to 7 percent.

All models received significant updates in hose routing and plumbing to increase uptime. For example, the 824L replaced 146 feet of hoses with 125 feet of steel tubing. The axles on the L-Series machines are more durable with standard brake cooling and filtration, increasing customer confidence on the job.

A new seat belt minder system helps to ensure awareness of seat belt usage during operation. When an operator fails to use his/her seat belt, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is set off after 60 seconds, alerting the owner through a JDLink Alert. Additionally, an optional seat belt indication lamp can be added to the roof of the cab, which will illuminate when a seat belt is not being worn to provide awareness to bystanders.

Reliability is improved on the new models, as a result of several changes to the machine. The new standard factory-installed auto-lube system ensures automatic greasing takes place while the machine is operating for more effective grease distribution. Additionally, the updated HVAC system includes several upgrades to improve cool capacity, including relocation of the AC unit, alteration of the fresh air filter exchange and the use of a brushless motor to provide infinite fan spends, increasing airflow. Overall, the routing of electrical harnesses and hydraulic hoses features additional retention points, reducing rubbing and increasing uptime. Finally, the L-Series models feature a window washing platform with a fall arrest anchor point that is tested to 5,000 pounds, making it easier to clean windows.

Another notable offering is the new factory coupler option, available on the 744L and 824L models. Available with multiple attachments, including four enhanced production buckets and two fork frames in two tine lengths, the coupler option maximizes the versatility of the machines. Additionally, the L-Series line includes new Log Handler and Pipe Handler configurations for the 744L and 844L, and an Aggregate Handler configuration for the 844L. The 844L Aggregate Handler configuration enables the 844L model to tackle two-pass aggregate loading and material-moving applications.

The John Deere L-Series wheel loaders are supported by the John Deere Connected Support™ offering. Enabled through the JDLink telematics connection, John Deere Connected Support leverages a suite of dealer and factory tools, including the Remote Diagnostics and Programming and Expert Alerts, to deliver increased productivity and uptime, and to lower daily operating costs.